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Change Your Mind Change Your Body

Winter blues hist us and boom, we are feeling sluggish, low and unsatisfied with our body and even life.

Let’s get moving! We hear everywhere but it is hard to get motivated to move because you feel so … out of shape or flexible. And the idea of checking the local gym or yoga studio filled with lycra dressed Cirque de Soleil performers is too intimidating? Yes, I know the feeling but still, I encourage you to move; movement changes everything, and not only in your body, but your mind, heart, and soul. The more you move, the better and healthier we feel, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We all know that exercise is important – in fact probably the best thing you can do to improve your overall wellbeing, along a reasonable diet.

“I don’t have time for yoga, healthy meals preparation or exercise”, I hear often.


Trust me, if you have time for facebook, you have time for everything else!


With my rough calculation, it will take 1 weekly shopping and approx 2 hrs to prepare your weekly meals, and approx 5 min for morning meditation affirmation and some stretch/yoga exercises and same in the evening. Now, do you really don’t have time for staying fit and healthy?



Change your mind. Change your body.


My name is Aneta, The Wellness Designer and my mission is to show you how you are designed to feel (and as the consequence of it – looking great too!) with daily movement and healthy diet, creating the lifestyle of permanent wellbeing, life of pleasure, not deprivation. No more diet and exhausting sweaty fitness routines, I invite and encourage you to create something for you that will fit into your day, work and life and you will be happy to follow and witness the changes in your health, sleep and overall wellbeing.


I offer group and 1 to 1 services combined of yoga movement, calming breath, nutritional therapy and wellness lifestyle advice. Please get in touch to discuss and create yours? I will reward everyone who contacted me as a response to this post with an extra complimentary session added to your package.


Yours in Wellness

Aneta Grabiec xx



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