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A condition that affects millions and seems to be becoming more common day by day. Affected me too, with no warning took over few years of my life till I educated myself and got rid of it naturally!


Please read and share with anyone who may be affected and living with pain, discomfort and (self)judgement.


What is it?


The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but it’s thought to be linked to an overactive response by the body’s immune system to an irritant. Our immune system is first line defense to our lifestyle: food and drinks we consume, clothes and products we use and stress. Any of these can be an irritant and our response to it is the red, dry flaky inflamed itchy skin.


Eczema is commonly found in families with a history of other allergies and it is exactly the same condition as hay fever or asthma just, manifesting itself in different body tissues. It’s called type 2 hypersensitivity, where our immune system, for whatever reason, become overly sensitive to a specific stimulus.

Every time our body is exposed to this specific stimulus (food, detergent, cosmetic, stress, anything), our immune system automatically recognises it as a pathological influence, and instigates an immunological response to it: inflammation and redness, accompanied by the intense itching.

Did I get it right for you? These were at least the symptoms of mine and my clients.


How to get rid of it?

There are two ways: pharmacological, quick fix. Typically prescribed steroid cream or ointment  will calm down the red flames overnight. True story! But it will not cure the root of this allergy and cause recurrence. That will make you repeatedly use steroids and seriously damage your physical and mental health and even cause addiction to steroids (confirmed by medical research).

I have used medical approach and it didn’t cure my eczema so decided to educate myself.

My Toxicology and Detox Diploma studies confirmed that there is no one fix for all. There is no one solution that will cure the roots so if you are determined to get rid of the eczema forever, I invite you to practice patience and apply a lot of self love.


What to avoid?


-stress, it’s impossible to live a life without it but too much of it is never a good thing, how to manage it?  (I teach and practice yoga to slow down the breath and calm down the mind, hence stress reduction and better, deeper body restoring sleep


-wheat  (gluten free diets took the world while it still causes controversy in the medical research world but the fact is that it was wheat contributing to mine and at least 12 other people’s eczema. Very often wheat products contain gluten but please, for the eczema concentrate on wheat reduction in your diet


-sugar, if there was one cure the nutritionist in me would suggest you for any illness, that would be sugar, it really is the bad boy and causes/promotes all the illness, it exhausts your immune system, feeding the nasty bacteria in your guts and depleting your probiotics. Don’t forget that alcohol is digested in the body the same way as sugar is so it is a NO to the alcohol too


-dairy products, mostly milk, soya, peanuts, eggs, these are main offenders causing skin irritation

-perfumed, parabens and chemical full detergents, cosmetic, shampoos, soaps, deodorants (skin is our biggest organ of detoxification, so every time you apply any perfumed, artificially coloured product to your skin, it takes the whole army of the immune system to fight it.  [Artificial products also upset our hormones but that is a conversation for The Hormone Reset subject]


What helps?


Essential fatty acids – these vital nutrients help the skin to retain more moisture and manage flare ups


B Vitamins – one of the most important nutrients for the health of skin; deliver oxygen and carry away waste products, improving skin tone and pigmentation


Vit A and E – skin healers

Vit C and D – immune system supporters

Antioxidants – manage inflammatory skin lesion, especially the fat soluble ones. Ideal will be carotenoids, yes you guessed, the ones rich in carotene and giving your food rich orange colour!


Sleep, rest, yoga, meditation, sun and fresh air – anything that keeps your stress at bay.


Coconut oil or any natural greasy moisturiser – I used coconut oil as it was cheaper and smelt better than any other stuff


Natural living- ditch air fresheners, unnaturally scented perfumes candles, washing powders, detergents and cosmetics. Reduce your makeup and hair products use.

Nurture your nature! Live eco and eat organic as much as possible and affordable and if you still need help, allow me to create a sustainable eczema free diet and lifestyle for you: I know what is like to live with eczema and I would love to help you xx


Yours in Wellness

Aneta Grabiec

(7 yrs eczema free, Toxicology and Detox Expert, Nutritional Therapist)


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