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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Tried and tired of magic diet and quick fix detox?

Struggling with losing weight?

Unhappy with your relationship with food?

Addicted to sugar or chocolate?

Feeling tired and exhausted?

Want to feel healthy, energised?

Have clear skin and a lean strong body?

Aneta Grabiec is the expert of relationship coaching for you and your food. She trained with Dr Furhman, Dr Sara Gottfried, Dr Melody Moore and obtained Nutritional Therapist Diploma.

She will design a  nutrition, detox and elimination programme, adaptable to your needs and your lifestyle.

Get in touch  for individual or group classes, coaching and consultation.

5 Rules of Healthy & Happy Eaters
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Refunds available only in case the event is canceled or postponed. Participating in The Wellness Designer events, you acknowledge and take full responsibility for your health, wellbeing and personal property.

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