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Quinoa and beetroot chocolate brownies

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Yes, you ask for gluten, flour and wheat free chocolate based goodies so here I’ve created the quinoa + beets brownies for ya!

The result is light, creamy, moisten ad rich in flavour, minus the bloating and digestion issues.

Ingredients to make 12 servings

1 cup of boiled quinoa

1 cup of boiled , grated beets

2 tbsp of coconut flour

100g of cacao (real dark, bitter powder)

3 eggs or 3 tbsp of chia seeds soaked in 150ml of water (vegan friendly)

100g or butter r coconut oil (vegan friendly)

100g of sweet stuff of your choice (you know my nutritional approach to sugar: honey, maple syrup, brown or white sugar is fructose, is bad for you so minimalise the consumption  it! unless you really like the taste of xylitol or stevia? I so don’t)

a tsp of cinnamon or vanilla extract

a tsp of baking soda

a handful or roughly chopped nuts or dates if you like the crunchiness over smooth texture of your brownies


Blend beets with eggs in a high speed blender. Add “sugar”, eggs, then cacao. Mix in baking soda and nuts/dates and vanilla extract or cinnamon. Stir it all together and pour down into your baking tray. Heat up the oven to 180C. Bake approx 15-20. Check with the toothpick if ready. Allow to cool and cover with the layer of rich raw chocolate (recipe from my e-book: subscribe to The Wellness Designer News to get it)


Indulge and let me know how you liked it?

Yours in all things healthy chocolate <3

Aneta Grabiec

The Wellness Designer

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