T-hormone essential for women

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T-hormone essential for women

Are you  feeling tired even after 8hrs of sleep?

Suffering from itching ears or tinnitus?

Dark circles or bugs under your eyes? Itchy eyes or increased mucus in your eyes when you wake up in the morning?


Experiencing brain fog or poor memory?


Moods swings, including depression, anxiety and/or irritability?


Tummy troubles, such as gas, bloating, nausea, burping, or heartburn?


If the answer is YES to any of the above, the chances are that your testosterone is out of balance and you would benefit from the hormone reset.


Testosterone is not just for the guys! Ladies, did I get your attention here?

Yes, women need testosterone too and while we need less of it than men, we still need to maintain an optimal level for a healthy metabolism, bones, libido, optimum energy level and wellbeing.


One of the secrets to restore healthy level of testosterone is food rich in zinc and vitamin D, hence I share with you The Wellness Designer Testosterone boost coleslaw HERE.


To reset your testosterone: increase your physical activity, dynamic yoga, hiking, skiing – you get it all on our holidays, retreats and events! Check and choose something for yourself HERE.

In addition cut back on sugar, maintain vitamin D levels, and reduce stress – how? Get in touch for your tailor made testosterone booster – nutritional and wellbeing program.


Ideally, to rebuilt your metabolism you would go for the full Hormone Reset as this program re-syncs all 7 hormones of metabolism keeping your waistline slim, your body healthy and happy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out how to feed your body intuitively and never worry about extra weight or feeling and looking unwell? The Wellness Designer Hormone Rest Program is available online or individual consultation for you

Your Wellness Designer

Aneta Grabiec

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