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  • I work in a multi faceted and highly intense corporation. The long hours, travel and constant adrenaline has taken its toll on my body and mind. Aneta came into my life from a recommendation and all I can say is light of calm and has a multitude of experience she stands out from any yoga teacher. Her nutrition and mindfulness has enabled me to excel in the art of Yoga and I can't thank her enough for starting this new journey which is helping me so much

    Katie OverendUK Talent Acquisition - Global Project at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
  • Thanks Aneta! I think you're amazing! I described you as "very West coast" today. But understand that I mean that in the most complimentary way.Grounded, kind, and generous. Ideals that I work towards

    Paggy HewClinical Trial Manager at Medpace
  • I have recently completed Aneta's 'Journey to Arm Balances' workshop. This was the third event of Aneta's (Yoganeta) I've attended and it was just as fantastic as the first two. Aneta creates a wonderful, safe but fun learning environment in which you get to push your boundaries, learn, try new things, make new friends and strengthen your body and mind. Not only an excellent yoga teacher, Aneta is also a nutritionist and wellness coach, so you always get more than you bargained for during a session! I highly recommend the retreats and workshops run by Aneta and look forward to the next one

    Nicola Craxtonat Carrington Investment Consultants Ltd
  • Aneta is an inspirational teacher and a great friend. She always strives to learn new topics and fields of study, then expand and share her knowledge in those aspects of her life she is passionate about. She has many passions, and therefore is quite a busy lady! While doing an amazing job at her 9-5 office seat (in a Lotus position), outside of work she continuously studies, expanding her horizons in the health and wellbeing field. I have known Aneta as a yoga instructor, and now a great friend, who teaches not only the challenging yoga poses, but listens closely to personal concerns, then goes away to research the source of the problem, and finally structures the sessions to try and fix the concern at hand. For example, as I enrolled onto her headstand and arm balances workshops, I raised a concern that I had wrist problems. So Aneta closely focused the sessions on how to practice arm balances and other exercises where wrists were involved, in a safe manner, while strengthening wrists, allowing me to practice those positions, which would otherwise not be recommended. Thank you for being so passionate and sharing the amazing findings you discover on your journey!

    Sofia PernikisDigital Systems Executive at Reed Exhibitions
  • I've signed up to Aneta's Yoga classes and wellness retreats on number of occasions and I have thoroughly benefited from these experiences. Having known Aneta for a number of years I can reliably say that she is an experienced, passionate and engaging practitioner and host. She has a wonderful sense of fun whilst at the same time being dedicated to serving her customers. So I am delighted to have the opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend Aneta as a wellness coach, retreat host and Yoga instructor!

    Baljit Singh LohiaConsultant & Coach
  • Aneta is one of those amazing people that radiate calmness and optimism, which on top of her amazing yoga teaching, wellness promoting and dietary skills makes her THE perfect wellness coach. I feel I'm becoming a better person when I am around her. You'll be in love with her once you join one of her workshops

    Ewa DrogonEMEA HEMAR Project Manager (Consultant) at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
  • I'm so glad that I have started this journey with Aneta. She is extremely compassionate when it comes to nutrition and wellness. I have been able to make progress with things in my life that I thought was impossible to achieve, whether it is practicing standing balance yoga poses or drinking water with lemon first thing in the morning. It is a slow process but day by day I am noticing that the things that she has taught are now becoming habits.She is constantly reminding me of the values of nutrition and wellness in a gentle but firm way. I am so grateful for all she has done and continues to do.

    Lois Dom-MartinFinancial Management Analyst
  • Aneta is an amazing yoga teacher with an abundance of knowledge and creativity on the subject. Even from the beginning I felt at ease practicing with her and you are constantly guided, helped and pushed in the right direction.

    Michelle FundinDesigner / Woodworker at Michelle Fundin
  • Back in December 2011 I attended Aneta's classes for the first time and my eyes were open to yoga. Her teaching and knowledge is just fantastic; personal, tailored to your needs and with a western world approach. She really enjoys what she does and helps you all the way during the practice, making you aware of your limits and where you could step further, always with a smile and giving you the confidence that you are in good hands. I would recommend everybody to attend her classes and discover the wonders of yoga

    David DelgadoTechnical Specialist - Wintel/VMware

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