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Why you can’t get rid off The Muffin Top?


It’s your hormones — or, more specifically, the lack of one key hormone: Estrogen.


Muffin top? Spots, PMS, insomnia, food deprivation and no fat loss?

Are you tired of storing the fat you should be burning?

Or simply feeling sluggish most of the time and struggling with the energy through your day?

Thyroid imbalance, slow metabolism, indigestion, sleep problem, hair loss, eczema, not always perfect skin, migraines, PMS, pre and post menopausal syndromes, blood pressure and high sugar level stays on the way to your well-being?



Hormones are the HQ of your wellbeing, fat loss and happiness


Hormones control our size, shape, health and mood and it is high time we control them!


Hormones are not only the concern of the menopause, they rule any age and gender;

I invite you to hormones education; how they affect your physical and mental wellbeing, your health, moods, appetite and your waist.

They are like chemical messengers, entering the blood system to circulate throughout the body and activate target cells. When in balance they promote and support our health and when out of balance, they create chaos and damage.

The human body secretes and circulates some 50 different hormone but we will concentrate on 7 major fat loss stars or offenders:






-growth hormone


Every month, I will be introducing you to different hormone, its function and imbalance symptoms and now you can book your self assessment to find out  which of your hormones are out of balance and what to eat and what avoid to lose weight and boost your wellness.


Today, let’s talk estrogen:

Estrogen and its imbalance plays a big role in fat storage


Estrogen makes the body store fat in different areas, particularly the thighs, hips and chest. When there are high levels of estrogen, women tend to store fat in the chest, hips and buttocks but as estrogen levels decrease, there is a shift to store more fat in the abdominal area. As women age, estrogen production tends to decrease, and at the same time the level of the male hormone androgen increases, causing a redistribution of weight to the stomach area.

How to lose the muffin top?

I’m afraid there is no killer exercise that will target just this area, obviously physical activity will boost metabolism but general body movement, stress reduction, better sleep and wiser nutrition is the key. How? Join our holidays where wellness adventure combines yoga, breathing techniques for relaxation, mindful walks and healthy food to get you started on the right path. Still, the secret to hormonal balance and weight loss is the food you (don’t) (over)eat.


What not to eat?

Muffin top is created by muffin food stuff, so white carbs and sugar, basically ‘beige food’ goes out of the window! Goodbye cakes, pastries, white rice, bread and potatoes. Welcome to bikini body and beautiful, healthy waist and BMI influenced by foods such as:

Salmon, berries, green tea and nuts (all good fat and low GI fruit – ask me more about Ketosis)


If you want to understand your body, you’ve got to start with your hormones and I have a perfectly balanced nutritional lifestyle recipe for you.

Weight loss is not a random miracle but it doesn’t need to be hard to. You deserve your slim healthy and happy body – register for your personal shortcut to fat loss, stress reduction and vitality and get your Personal Hormonal Profile Assessment now!


Yours in wellness and hormonal balance

The Wellness Designer x

Aneta Grabiec


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